Stirling Castle Stirling Castle 2 Stirling Castle 3 Stirling Castle - Unicorn Stirling Castle - Lion Stirling Castle View 2 Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle 2
On our way down to visit Sheila, Gordon and Ewan, we stopped off at Stirling Castle.

Rena's Stool
Then, on the weekend of the 6-8th September, we caught up with Rena and Tom Watson in Aberdeen. We clearly had a great time, as all we stopped to take a photo of was this piece of furniture that Sue liked!

End of the line - Perth Perth Station Interior (3-4) 170 401 at Perth 4 -> Edinburgh 158 701 arr Perth 7 -> Wick
Then on the 17th, I got into some serious trainspotting - these shots taken around Perth station. For more rail photos, go here.

View from Sue's Hotel - Manchester Manchester Architecture Manchester Architecture - Midland Hotel Manchester Architecture - G-Mex Centre Manchester Architecture - Ironwork Unknown Voyager (220) - Haymarket -> Edinburgh
On the 26th and 27th, Sue went down to Manchester for a meeting of the Upper Gastro-intestinal Surgeons. She was interested by the architecture down there, and took these photos - the last one is of the train she came home on - a shiny new Virgin Voyager - what a caring wife she is!

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