Edinburgh Model Show 3 Edinburgh Model Show 4 Edinburgh Model Show 5 Edinburgh Model Show 6 Edinburgh Model Show 7
On the 12th of October, I helped out at the Edinburgh Model Railway Show. Dundee MRC took a layout down which I helped operate for the day along with two other members - Spike (in the photo above) and Chris. The last two photos are of other layouts.

Ken and Tobias
We've made friends with the Barthelmes family from Germany. I've been "learning" German from Tobias, who's also railway obsessed! The book we're reading is called "All about the Railway".

Dinner for 2! Dinner for 2! - 2
In the ongoing tradition of photographing meals, here's a dinner we had on the 23rd! Swiss Souffle Potatoes, Capsicum Salad and Parsnips with Almonds - accompanied by Cairn'o'Mohr Raspberry wine.

Sue - Glasgow GoMA Glasgow GoMA Sue - Glasgow GoMA 2 Glasgow GoMA 2
On the 27th, we went down to Glasgow for the Wild Goose Working Group Holy City meeting, and did a wee bit of touristing there - These photos are taken at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art - and yes, it's starting to get cold!

Perthshire Sheep Perthshire Sheep 3
In preparation for her week of Night-shift, Sue got a couple of days off near the end of October - here's some pictures from a Cycle through Perthshire that she did - Umm, yes, sheep...

Dundee Autumn
Autumn has really set in now - here's a picture to match the Summer shot that I took out of our bedroom window.

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