Visit from a Q (Continued)

Q - Discovery Helm Discovery Discovery Galley w/cat Q - Discovery Bridge
On the 12th, Q and I went to the main Dundee tourist trap, the RRS Discovery.

Cairn 'o 'Mohr Winery Cairn 'o 'Mohr Winery 2 Cairn 'o 'Mohr Winery 3
Then, on the weekend, the three of us went to Cairn 'o Mohr winery. This is well worth a visit. Their fruit wines are of an excellent standard - we've been much enjoying them ever since. The Autumn Oak Leaf and Oak and Elder are personal favourites. If you're in the UK, just go to their site and order some right now!

Sue and Q - St Andrew Castle St Andrews Castle Well Sue - St Andrews Castle 2 St Andrews Castle St Andrews Castle 2 Sue - St Andrews Castle Mines St Andrews Castle Defensice position
And later, on to St Andrews. These photos are from the Castle. It's also well worth a visit, if only for the mine, and counter-mine dug during one of its many sieges.

Sue - St Andrews Cathedral Cemetery
The Cathedral is also excellent.

Q - St Salvator's College Ken - St Salvator's College St Salvator's College
We bought some lunch, and since it was University holidays, we went and sat on the grass at St Salvator's College in the University of St Andrews.

Royal and Ancient Course
Any visit to St Andrews would not be complete without the obligatory Golf course view. This is the Royal and Ancient.

Crail Harbour Sue - Crail Harbour Sue - Crail Harbour 2 Crail Harbour 2
We drove further down the coast, and stopped in at Crail, which has a lovely harbour. I'm quite fond of the first photo.

Secret Bunker!
This photo requires no comment. Yes, there is a Secret Bunker. I still think the sign is silly, though.

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