Sue - Organic Garden Flowers in St Andrews Organic Garden St Andrews Organic Garden Cabbages in St Andrews Organic Garden Beans in St Andrews Organic Garden
For the rest of July, Sue and I pretty much had some time to ourselves. These photos are of an organic garden in St Andrews at the tennis club. They have the most amazing stuff there.

Bo'Ness Preservation 5 Bo'Ness Station
I went for a trip down to the Bo'Ness and Kinneil preservation railway. They have a heap of stuff here including a lot of diesel and steam stock. If you're interested in rail stuff, I have more photos here.

Sunset at Ninewells Roses at Sunset Sunset at Ninewells 2 Sunset at Ninewells 3
On the 20th, we had a fantastic Sunset in Dundee. Here's a taste.

Sue - Forfar Ken - Forfar Balmashanner Memorial Balmashanner Memorial 2
We went for another walk from the book mentioned earlier at Balmashanner Memorial in Forfar.

Sue - Templeton Woods Sue - Templeton Woods 2 Templeton Woods Sunset
We also went for a cycle around the Dundee Green Circular route, and then a walk in Templeton Woods, which make up part of that route.

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