Visit from a Q

Q With Ballast Ken in the Unicorn
A friend from Australia, Quentin Hall, or "Q" as he's more commonly known arrived on the 8th of July. On the 9th, we visited some Dundee tourist traps including the Unicorn.

Q and Sue in Broughty Castle Broughty Ferry from Castle
Later that same day, we visited Broughty Castle. These photos are taken at the top of the tower, looking out at the view.

Sue's New Bike! Sue's New Bike! 2 Going, Going, Gone
The reason we were down at Broughty Ferry was to pick up Sue's new Bike. It's a Claud Butler Urban 200. I had already got one for me, now we had a matching set!

Waverley and North Bridge
On the 10th, Q and I went down to Edinburgh to see the Art of Star Wars Exhibition. This photo is taken across Waverly station from the shop within the exhibition at the City Art Centre.

Jenners Q casing Jenners for the Heist View from Jenners Café
We then visited Jenners, the posh Edinburgh department store. We had lunch in the cafeteria there.

Walter Who? Dog Cemetary Q - Mons Meg Gallery and rail tunnels from Caste View NW from Castle
After lunch, we went up to the castle.

Evening Roses
After we got home, Sue took this photo of our Summer roses.

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