Dundee Autumn Sunset
This is an arty shot of an Autumn sunset.

Ken and Tobias at Dundee Airport Café Sue, Stephan. Tobias and Susanna at Dundee Airport Café
Here's some more of the Barthelmes clan. We are so hard up for good coffee in Dundee that we ended up at the Dundee Airport Café. Sue is holding Stephan and Susanne is just in shot - of course, you've already met Tobias and his Bob der Baumeister top!

Balmullo/Leuchars from LuckLaw Ken - Paddock Stomping Ken - Paddock Stomping Boots Lucklaw Hill Walk Lucklaw Hill Walk 2 Sue - Autumn in Lucklaw Lucklaw Hill Summit 2 Lucklaw Hill Summit 3
After church, on the 17th, we went for a walk up Lucklaw Hill in Fife to work off our stiff legs from the Ceilidh on Saturday. Heeeeiiiyuuuch.