Anniversary Holiday

Off on Holiday - River Isla Bridge
On the 22nd, we headed off on holiday for our Anniversary (the 25th), this photo was taken on the way North from Dundee at the River Isla bridge.

Wishing Well - Braemar River Dee at Braemar Sue in Braemar
First stop was Braemar, after establishing that there was no skiing to be had at Glenshee. It was a bit of a grubby day, but very pretty anyway.

Lupo in GlenMuick Long Jump Ken - Falls near Loch Muick Sue at Loch Muick Woods Burn near Loch Muick Ken - Loch Muick Aaaah, Whisky Lock Muick
We then went up for our "traditional" walk around Loch Muick - and the "traditional" weather was there waiting for us. Luckily we'd brought our ski-gear, so we soldiered on anyway. Due to a major snow melt, there was a lot of water running in the local rivers, so in a few places, we had to either ford streams or go cross country. We didn't get all the way around, as the rivers at the top of the Loch were too high!
However, the scenery was well worth the effort - and the sun came out for a while. However, with the shortening days, it was dark when we got back to the car.

Sue - Glenlivet Glenlivet Tree
We stayed overnight in Ballater in a great B+B called Inverdeen
Next day, it was on to the Glenlivet distillery, but it was closed.

On the way to Cairngorm Ken and Sue - Snow at Cairngorm Snow at Cairngorm Cairngorm funicular railway Sue - Caringorm Snow Ken - Cairngorm funicular railway 2
We then headed over to the Cairngorms. They've recently completed a funicular railway there - it's pretty quick to get to the top, and there's also a cafeteria there - it was all a bit like being at BlueCow terminal again - spooky. There was snow there, but not enough to ski yet. They had a big fall in November, but by the time I found out about it, the mini-season had closed and they're now waiting for the main winter falls to come. We can't wait.

We headed back to Dundee for Sunday, and then over to Glasgow for this month's Holy City, and stayed overnight in a friend's house. We did some Christmas shopping in Glasgow before heading on.