Mum + Dad Visit

Ken's Folks visited during June.

Sue, Ken & Mum - Falls of Dochart Sue, Dad & Mum - Falls of Dochart
We went for the "usual" drive around Strathearn and Strathtay. Here we are at the ever popular Falls of Dochart.

Killin' Folk Festival
The "Killin' Folk Festival" appealed to me - although it's all about the apostrophe - It was all I could do not to get a marker pen...

St Andrews with Rena and Tom 2 St Andrews with Rena and Tom 4
Mum and Dad also spent some time with Rena and Tom in Aberdeen - we met back up with them for Lunch at the St Andrtews Clubhouse.

Reekie Linn 3 Sue, Dad & Mum - Reekie Linn Ken & Sue - Reekie Linn Sue - Reekie Linn Mum - Reekie Linn
..and we had a lovely afternoon out at the Reekie Linn - a waterfall near Dundee - I'm getting better about my heights phobia. The first time Sue and I came here, I'd never have been able to stand there and get my photo taken - there's about a 150' drop just behind us.

At Welshs
On their second-last day, we drove down to Larbert to catch up with Dad's siblings. Here they are in the Welsh's garden.
We played an obligatory game of golf (our first in Scotland!) on their last day at the local Dundee public course - I discovered I'm not quite so bad as I thought.