From the 7th to the 13th of June, we went to Iona.

Half Way Half Way 3
We left the car in Oban, and cycled across Mull - here we are half way over looking back towards the nasty hills we came over, and forward along the much gentler Ross of Mull.

Mac Centre Crowd Lunch Set up - Ken
We stayed at the Macleod Centre. It's not really a retreat, so much as a community-living excercise.

Iona Swimming Iona Swimming 2 Iona Beach 2
It was such a nice day on Sunday, I even braved a swim with a few other excitable people from the Mac. I guess it was about 10 degrees. Yes, I got sunburnt on the way over!

Abbey Pentecost Decorations Abbey Pentecost Decorations 2
It was Pentecost on that Sunday, so they'd decorated the abbey. The centrepiece was a fantastic mobile containing the words of Joel's prophesy quoted in Acts 2:17-21.

Iona from the Sound Mull from Sea Dutchman's Cap Fingals Cave from Sea 2
On the Monday afternoon, we went on a trip to Staffa - famous for "Fingal's Cave" and it's Puffin colony.

Sue in "Fingal's (wishing) Chair" Fingals Cave Sue - on Staffa Fingals Cave - Looking out The Herdsman Mull from Staffa
The geology on Staffa makes very interesting columns. We had a walk around to Fingal's Cave - totally astounding.

Shag Nest - Staffa Puffins 2 Puffin in flight Puffin Ken - Staffa with Puffins
Although I'm not much of a birdwatcher, the birdlife was incredible. The Puffins landed within a few feet of you - and were somewhat comical in flight.

Marble Quarry John + Hannah - Marble Quarry Marble Quarry
On the Tuesday, we went on the Iona pilgrimage - a 7 mile guided walk around the island. This is the marble quarry - I wanted to bring a slab back with me.

Pilgrimage - St Columba's Bay St Columba's Bay Sue - St Columba's Bay
Just before we reached St Columba's Bay, the fine weather we'd been having decided to change, however, it was still a pretty amazing place - the photos make it look brighter than it was!

Pilgrimage - Machair Sheep - Machair Sue - Pilgimage - Machair
The Machair, on the West side of the island was covered with daisies and buttercups - and sheep.

View looking East from near Dun-i Machair from high places Staffa from near Dun-i
We ended with a climb, so I took some views from there.

Oz Liberal Backslider Train Taiwan Occupation1 Occupation2
On the Wednesday night, there was a "Concert". We sang some Australian Christmas carols along with some other Australians - since it's Summer and all.

The rest of the Iona photos are here.