Felicity's Visit

During the first week of August, Sue's Mum, Felicity, came to visit. She arrived bearing many gifts from her trip in France, and these were mostly of the food and drink variety. These were consumed with great vigour!

Sue and Ken in Perth Sue and Ken and Lupo, Perth ue and Ken and Lupo, Perth 2
On the Saturday, we headed up to Perth for the Monthly Farmers' Market. Here's some photos of us that were taken with Felicity's new camera.

Scone Castle Gardens Scone Castle Maze Scone Castle Maze 2 Scone Castle Maze 3 Scone Castle Sheep
After perusing the markets for a while, and consomung some yummy local produce, we headed out to Scone Palace. There's a very cool maze there, and some rather odd looking sheep!

Roll 61 - 1 Roll 61 - 3 Roll 61 - 4
It was then down to the serious business of eating - Among the collection of food we'd acquired, was a rather multi-cultural affair of Fraoch Heather Ale, French duck sausage and sheep's cheese! Mmmmmmmm... (Thanks for the tablecloth, Felicity!)

Glengoyne Falls Sue - Glengoyne Distillery Ken - Glengoyne Distillery Glengoyne Distillery Glengoyne Distillery 2
More touristing ensued, with a trip West to the Glengoyne Distillery.

Ken and Sue at Loch Lomond
..and then over to nearby Loch Lomond - we went for a paddle, as it was a very nice day indeed.. We stopped short of a swim, although the place was teeming with others doing exactly that..

Nelson Potatoes and Duck
Later, more eating - This is Nelson Potatoes and Duck - an odd Vegetarian and Carnivorous mixture - washed down with Montbasillac!

Sue - Brown Caterhun Sue and Felicity - Brown Caterhun Descending the Brown Caterhun Bloody Stile Ascending White Caterhun Sue - White Caterhun 2 Descending White Caterhun
We then headed out to the Caterthuns, a pair of Iron-age hillforts in Angus - it was quite a view and a good climb to each of them..

Edinburgh Castle War Memorial Edinburgh Castle War Memorial 2
Then a brief visit to Edinburgh Castle - these photos are of detail of the War memorial there.

Sue and Felicity - Queens Hall Queens Hall Indigo Girls
We finished up Felicity's visit with an Indigo Girls concert in the Queens Hall in Edinburgh. Fantastic!

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