Crossing the Border

Gala B+B
On the 20th of June, Sue entered Scotland for her first time. we stayed the night in a very kitsh B+B at Galasheils (not a great first impression, I know).

Sue at Hermitage Castle
In the morning, we went to visit a fantastic old castle near Hawick. Hermitage Castle.

Sue at Jedburgh Abbey Jedburgh Abbey 2 Jedburgh Abbey 4 Sue at Jedburgh Abbey 2
Jedburgh Abbey is a very well preserved specimen. We spent a bit of time here before our eagerness got the better of us, and we headed straight up to Edinburgh.

In our excitement, we took no photos of this first visit. It wasn't looking so picturesque anyway, as it started to pour down as we arrived.

We headed on to Larbert, where we stayed for the weekend with my cousin Sheila and her husband Gordon McDonagh.

Gordon and Sheila took us for a fantastic tour around central Scotland on Saturday the 22nd.
This photo is of Callander main street - we had lunch here.

Killin 2
This is the Falls of Dochart at Killin. Fantastic - I went for a clamber and we were both astonished at the sheer volume of water after Perth restrictions.

Ken - Killin Water Wheel
There's a waterwheel at Killin which is kind of cool. Here I am admiring the best bearings I've ever seen - bracket and *lots* of grease.

Pitlochry Fish Ladder
At Pitlochry, I was promised fish in the fish ladder. I'm still sore at Gordon for letting me down in this regard.

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