New House

Sue - Front Room
On Monday the 24th, we moved into what will be our home for the next year in Dundee. Here's Sue in our new front room - There's a full tour later.

Hill Walking - Glen Esk Hill Walking - Glen Esk 2
After a week of getting the house sorted out, on Friday we went hillwalking at Glenesk near Tarfside. We got the walk from a great little book from Hallewell Publications, Walks: Angus & Dundee, by John Fyfe (ISBN 1872405142)
In case you don't know, you can just put ISBN's into the search box at

Sue at Edzell Castle Edzell Height
We stopped off at Edzell Castle on the way back from the walk.

Edzell Castle Gardens Edzell Castle Gardens 2
It's got the most amazing gardens.

Summer! Summer 2 Summer 3
This was a series of fantastic summer rain photos taken from outside our house. I finally bought a larger SD card for the camera, and now I can take more hires shots.

House Tour

Front Room
Here's a quick diversion to a house tour. This is the front room.

Office/Bed 2
This is the Office and Second bedroom - if you plan to visit, this is where we'll put you. We *may* even turn off the computers so you can sleep.

Master Bedroom
Our bedroom.

My kitchen (yellow, great!)

View from Master Bedroom - Scottish Summer!
And a view from the bedroom window showing more lovely Scottish summer weather.

Local Hero - Broughty Style
Homage to Local Hero, actually at Broughty Ferry, just near Dundee.

Broughty Sunset Broughty Sunset 2
There was a great sunset that night - this is the beach at Broughty Ferry, looking East to the North Sea from the Firth of Tay.

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