December and New Years

Dundee Winter 1 Winter Roses 2 Frosty Children
On the 19th of December, we got our first really frosty morning - Sue was just getting home from work, so she took these.

Dawn & Hamish Sue - Christmas
Christmas was so busy, we took almost no photos at all. We sang with three choirs over the season and had a number of excellent meals!
On Christmas Day, we went over to Larbert to have lunch with the Welshs. Unfortunately, we arrived too late for the main present opening session, and Ewan was a bit grumpy and took his parents home early. It was great to catch up with Alistair, April, Lewis and Jamie though, as we hadn't seen them since arriving.
These two photos were taken after our excellent boxing day meal with the Provost (Scottish Episcopalian word for Minister!), Miriam and family. The First photo is of Dawn (another guest from St Pauls at the meal) and the Provost's husband, Hamish. We'd all probably enjoyed a bit much fine wine, with the unfortunate exception of Sue, who went off to work soon afterwards.

Ken and Sue - Choir Christmas - St Pauls
However, St Pauls looked very pretty during Christmastime - heres a photo, and also some incrimitating evidence about our slipping up to high-Church style worship!

Cat on the Fence Christmas Angel 3
Here's a couple of pictures of some decorations that Jenny sent us!

Harry, Gill and Sue at St Andrews Castle Harry, Gill and Sue - Cairngorm Harry, Gill and Ken - Cairngorm
Harry and Gill came to visit over new years, and Scotland got some serious snow! We headed up to Cairngorm and there were some pretty chilly conditions there!