On the way home, we had brief stopovers in Paris and Cambridge..

Old Mediaeval Baths Museé du Moyen Age Courtyard Monsters Down to baths Albergensian Kings Angelic Choir Waiting... young man St Denis
The Museé du Moyen Age was pretty cool, it's located on the site of a Roman bath (seen through the wire in the first photo).

Paris Lethargy 26 Rue de St André Paris - Sue and Felicity
We stayed in an apartment that Sue's mum, Felicity, was renting at 26 Rue de St André, it was pretty warm..

Luxembourg Gardener Palais Luxembourg
The gardens at the Palais Luxembourg were pretty great up until the bird shit incident - don't ask!

About to Chocolate From the Patisserie Lunch Thursday
Thursday lunch was up to the usual high standards. It contains at least one food group.

Notre Dame evening sunset pont neuf Sunset pont stmichel Ken - Seine
The long summer days were very pretty.. A good preparation for returning to Perth summers before we got too used to Scottish ones...

Museé d'Orsay - Paris Model Museé d'Orsay Clock Eiffel Tower and Mums Pompidou waterthings woman fountain
In an ongoing effort to cram some Paris tourist views into the page - here's a selection from the Museé d'Orsay, Eiffel Tower and Pompadou Centre.

Taps BHV more taps Marche L'Aligre stars and roses
A large chunk of our time was taken up with window-shopping opportunities. Here's some taps from BHV (Hey, we're doing up our house) and fruit and flowers at the Marche L'Aligre.