Megan's Visit

On the last weekend in May, Megan came to visit - which was cool. We went for a pretty major sightseeing trip around central Scotland.

Edradour - Megan Edradour 2 Edradour 3
After a drive up via Blairgowrie, and Bridge of Cally, we headed over to Edradour Distillery, near Pitlochry - I've been here a couple fo times, and really enjoyed it! Megan bought Mustard!

Moulin - Megan
I was planning lunch at the Moulin Inn, but it was shut, so we looked around the historic graveyard at the church there. It's historic, largely because it has a grave from a "crusader" in it.

Falls of Dochart Killin Water 2 Killin Trees - Megan
We then headed along Strathtay, past Loch Tay to Killin and the Falls of Dochart. Megan thought the twisty trees were pretty neat.

Loch Earn Megan back in Perth?
..and then via Loch Tay to Perth.

Abernethy Tower 2 View from Abernethy Tower View from Abernethy Tower 3 View from Abernethy Tower Window
After some lunch and shopping, we headed south of the Tay to Abernethy, which has a medieval tower.

Balmerino Abbey Balmerino Abbey Tree 2 Balmerino Abbey Tree Info Balmerino Abbey Tree 4
..and then to Balmerino Abbey which has a hand-planted tree that's over 400 years old.

Megan and Dragon 2
Finally, on Sunday Morning, Megan said her goodbyes to us, but more importantly, the Dundee dragon.